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The Trickle - Spring?

March 25, 2014 - Brian Ferry
So, I had a lot of fun writing a story for the first day of spring.

Then, I believe it snowed four out of the first five days of the season.

I've now seen a robin on the ground, a couple skeins (thanks Lanae (and Snapple)) of geese, some chipmunks, and some other signs of spring.

So, it's spring. No more snow. Temperatures above 40 without exception for the next six months. (Seven would be nice.)

Moving on.

Since we no longer have to worry about spring, here are some of the other instances of folklore that I ran into as I was researching that story - Those are in quotes. My commentary does not have quotes.

"If, when the woodchucks are out in the field in the spring for the first time, they stay in the sun, it is a sign of warm weather." If they scurry back to their dens because it's so darned cold, that's not such a good sign.

"The early appearance of insects in the spring indicates good crops." If the bugs don't come out until summer, there's no food - bad crops - or it's too cold - bad crops.

"On seeing the first robin in the spring, make a wish, and you will get what you desire; but if it should fly before you have made your wish, you will meet with misfortune." If you kill two robins with one stone while they're on the ground, that's very good luck, but if they're in the air, ill luck will befall you (but it's an insanely good shot).

"If the walls of the beaver's nests are unusually thick in the fall of the year, an old American hunter will tell you that 'an unusually hard winter is nigh to hand.'" What if I don't run into an old American hunter? If I lock myself in my house for a week or two, will this guy come to my door? Is phone acceptable? How about email?

I'll wrap up with some folklore that seems undeniably sensible. In fact, I might dispute that folklore is even the right word.

"To have tigers come into the city is a bad omen."

"It was considered unlucky for a skunk to enter a house."


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