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Unknown times

December 4, 2015 Dear Editor: In now unknown times, there was a tribe, the Waheebi. They had many leaders, good and bad. Once they had a leader that hated the tribe’s ways. more »»


December 2, 2015 Dear Editor: Once again we the people will have to pick a candidate for President of the United States and once again candidates are allowed to run for this position without the proof that they are... more »»

Sport for sports

December 2, 2015 Dear Editor: There are those of us who do not think killing innocent animals is worthy of the front page. Please confine those pictures and articles to the (ahem) “sports” section. more »»

Horrific events

December 1, 2015 Dear Editor: The other night as I pondered the horrific national and world events unfolding, I said to the Lord: “Our nation has lost its way”. more »»

Glade Bridge ‘walkway’

December 1, 2015 Dear Editor: I drive across the Glade Bridge every day for work, but it’s still dark. more »»

‘Our Opinion(s)’

December 1, 2015 Dear Editor: “Our Opinion” of 11-25 stated “at least a dozen other Islamic terrorist organizations would be delighted to assume the mantle of leadership in what they view as a war for the caliphate. more »»

A more peaceful world

December 1, 2015 Dear Editor: My wife Margie and I drove to Pittsburgh on Saturday morning, October 17th, to attend a conference hosted by World Mission Initiative, at the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. more »»

WTO stance

November 13, 2015 Dear Editor, Whilst in the midst of a Presidential “hate fest,” WTO editorials attempt to mitigate the ongoing, and rapidly accumulating, effects of decades of fossil fuel reliance, coal emission,... more »»

Sewer billing

November 12, 2015 Dear Editor: I am writing to address Warren City Council’s handling of the sewer service billing, which is contracted to a private, Pittsburgh-area company. more »»

The Pope

November 6, 2015 Dear Editor: The Pope’s visit was a blessing. Hopefully, it inspired greater harmony in our nation. Recent history indicates we need it. His spontaneous kind acts were touching. more »»

Seeking knowledge

November 5, 2015 Dear Editor, Climate, changes. The taxpayers had money stolen from them to pay for a study on global warming. more »»

State budget

November 4, 2015 Dear Editor, I am surprised that 123 days into the fiscal year with no state budget passed that there is not more outrage in the Readers Speak section of our newspaper. more »»


November 4, 2015 The result of being disobedient in school by a snotty student, is being knocked out of your chair and dragged out of class. For me, it was great to see. more »»

‘You can’t comprehend’

October 28, 2015 Dear Editor, Dawkins accepted a question, regarding Christianity and mental illness. He’s one of the foremost leaders of the scientific death cult. more »»

Sound money

October 22, 2015 Dear Editor: So goes a country’s currency, so goes a country, those ignoring history are doomed to relive it: voting Obama x2, with Crats selling the same-old, failed policies of tax & spend x3... more »»

Branding of downtown Warren

October 13, 2015 Editor, I recently attended a meeting at the Crary Art Gallery regarding the branding and potential growth for downtown Warren. more »»

‘Our Opinion’

October 7, 2015 Dear Editor, Your ‘Our Opinion’ editorials can be amusing in their distortion or outright ignorance of the facts, but repetitive blaming of Mr. more »»

Thank you

October 5, 2015 I am writing to give a public “thank you” to those workers responsible for the improvements recently made to the little bridge going along Conewango Avenue. more »»


October 2, 2015 Editor, Dear Sir: All right already. Five years ago Bashar Al-Assad was just another petty dictator in a region of petty dictators. more »»

Pope & Obama

September 30, 2015 Dear Editor: P&O (Pope & Obama) equals po, equals poor. more »»



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