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Sports Mailbag

January 17, 2015 Pro football junkie Sports Editor: I am a pro football junkie, having watched as much as I could of four games this past weekend. more »»

Bravo to ambulance, WGH

January 17, 2015 Dear editor: I had an accident at my home early December 2014. We used the emergency services and hospital locally. It was the best decision ever. In a matter of minutes the ambulance was at our home. more »»


January 15, 2015 Dear Editor, Re: Snow plowing by PennDOT. Would the public like to know why the high costs of snow plowing? One thing that contributes to this is first round side wing is up, second trip wing is down. more »»

CDL Licensing

January 15, 2015 Dear editor: Those of you with a CDL license, in case you haven’t got your notice for your medical exam yet, the Pa. Dept. more »»

On terror

January 14, 2015 On terror Dear Editor: International terrorists are not Islamic. more »»

Islamic immigration

January 13, 2015 Dear Editor, An AP article that ran on the World News page of the January 6 Times Observer titled “Thousands of Germans protest against anti-Islam rallies” was misleading — an obvious attempt to... more »»

John Boehner

January 9, 2015 Dear editor: At the moment I am feeling somewhat depressed. This afternoon (Tuesday – January 6th, 2015) I got the news that John Boehner had been re-elected as the “Speaker of the House. more »»

Midtown lot

January 7, 2015 Dear editor: Remember when the Midtown Parking lot was often full and we had to circle around until someone pulled out? Remember when we just had to hand the ticket and our money to the little lady... more »»

Gas prices

January 7, 2015 Dear Editor: Why? Why did the price of gas go up $.10 two days before the new gas tax goes into effect Jan. 1? The same thing happened last year with the first increas. more »»

Govt. policy

December 30, 2014 Dear Editor, This is to express my concern with how government policy is created. more »»

Social Security

December 30, 2014 Well it’s that time of year again when all us seniors can yell whoppie. All those politicians (COLA) must have their head buried in the sand as usual. They must not go to grocery stores. more »»

Stray animals

December 30, 2014 I’m so sick of going in the car and seeing dogs and cats almost getting hit by cars. We have saved some of them but most of them are too frightened to come anywhere near s to we have to leave them. more »»


December 29, 2014 Dear editor: My name is Robert Clark and I had the privilege to serve as a board member of our Warren County YMCA during in early 1980’s. more »»

Christmas thanks

December 27, 2014 Dear editor: I want to express a big thank you to all those who put the beautiful Christmas decorations up in Warren. The sign is always beautiful and a wonderful tradition. more »»

Declining numbers

December 23, 2014 Dear editor: The School committee talks about declining athletics participation and worries about the numbers. What they should be worried about is why the numbers are low. more »»


December 17, 2014 Dear editor: This past Monday, December 8, I decided to do what’s been asked of residents and shop for Christmas gifts in downtown Warren for a 10-year-old boy. more »»

City Council

December 16, 2014 Dear editor: I was the only person present at this year’s budget public hearing. more »»

Sabbath days

December 12, 2014 Dear Editor: “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord your God. In it you shall do no work;.. more »»


December 11, 2014 Dear?editor: Breaking news. More violence in Ferguson, immigrants get legal status and Warren has a monumental parking problem. Which one should we solve first? Okay, let’s go with the parking one. more »»


December 5, 2014 Dear editor: Re: Reader’s Forum, 11-25-14, Cartoon, Adele R. Wolf offended by stupidity of “alien”, whereas it’s the pot calling the kettle black, defends the President. more »»



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