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October 27, 2014 Dear editor, Thank you for running the letter, “Ebola,” by Jeanette McDunn, and column, “Ebola, ideology and common sense,” by Pat Buchanan in the October 20 edition of the Times Observer. more »»

Concert Association

October 25, 2014 Dear editor: Three cheers to the Warren Concert Association for: 1) Bringing what looks to be an outstanding program of concerts to our community; and 2) The opportunity to bring students with us... more »»

Thank you

October 25, 2014 Dear editor: I am writing to thank Warren Main Street and all involved with the recent Wine and Art Walk including the patrons of this event for the $500 donation to “Hooktown Holidays,” a community... more »»

Rett Syndrome

October 24, 2014 Dear editor: October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month! The good news is that over the past few years, research scientists for Rett syndrome have made some very exciting breakthrough. more »»

Stop signs

October 23, 2014 Dear editor: I see Youngsville is going the same way as Warren, turning intersections that have always had traffic lights into either 3-way or 4-way stop sign intersections. more »»

Dam removal

October 23, 2014 Dear editor: This letter to the editor is in regards to the recent removal of the dam at Wildcat Park in Ludlow. This idea was proposed at a meeting this past spring by a guest to our BOD meetin. more »»

Health care

October 22, 2014 Dear editor: Medical attention-is it a political issue and a means to the “pursuit of happiness”? Definitely, ye. more »»

Attendance areas

October 21, 2014 Dear editor: I read with interest the Oct. 15 story suggesting that the school district move the Elk Township attendance area from the Warren area to the Eisenhower are. more »»

The law

October 21, 2014 Dear editor: I have to chuckle when I see the portable road signs on the North Warren and Youngsville 4-lanes: “Steer clear of emergency vehicles. It’s the law. more »»


October 11, 2014 Dear editor, We travel between Youngsville and Warren on Rt. 6 daily. We have watched the PennDOT workers and have so many times wanted to shout out the car window, “Thank you, thank you, thank yo. more »»

WGH area parking

October 9, 2014 Dear editor: I have received an unjust parking ticket, as have multiple others, at the the Warren General Hospital. more »»

Farmer’s Market

October 9, 2014 Dear editor: I can’t believe that Rep. Rapp and Sen. Scarnati told the Farmer’s Market people that they couldn’t help them because it wasn’t important enough. more »»

Thanks for donated prizes

October 4, 2014 Dear editor: Thank you to all the businesses that donated items and for all those that bought chances for the tote full of merchandise & a lighthouse lamp prior to or at the Watson Grange Dime Pitch... more »»

Farmers’ Market

October 3, 2014 Dear editor: In 2014, for the first time in the forty year history of the Warren Farmers’ Market, the City administration and council levied a $100 ‘Special Event Fee’ on the Market, plus they now... more »»

Farmers Market

September 30, 2014 Dear editor, When the farmers market was moved from the mid-town parking lot to Liberty Street, I wondered why such a decision had been made. more »»

Work release

September 26, 2014 Dear editor: We at the Warren County Visitor’s Bureau wanted to give credit where credit is due and thank Chris Widdowson (Work Release Coordinator) and the Warren County Prison for providing three... more »»

Store employees

September 26, 2014 Dear editor: BRAVO! Dollar General Store in Warren! Thank you “John” & “Staff” for the attention, care & concern shown to our sister “Mary” when she became ill in your store. more »»

City funds

September 25, 2014 Dear editor: “Spending millions:” I read with great interest the article on spending millions from the money that was for Phase 2 of Streetscape. more »»


September 25, 2014 Dear editor: Many of the sidewalks on the south side of town are in really bad shape. Winter is coming; those of us who live and walk in the area will face treacherous conditions. more »»

LEC response

September 23, 2014 Dear editor: In response to the letter printed on Sept. 19, I ask you to consider a few things regarding the LE. more »»



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