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Our Opinion: Their own argument

January 18, 2016 Labor union leaders may have had their fingers crossed, hoping no one would spot the Achilles heel in the self-preservation argument they have used so successfully for many years. more »»

Our Opinion: Not so clear

January 14, 2016 By the time you read this, someone will be $1.5 billion richer. BILLION. That’s $930 million in cash, to be exact. more »»

Our Opinion: We appreciate it

January 8, 2016 Consider how important a role the school board plays in a school district. If you reference the Pennsylvania School Boards Association website at psba. more »»

Our Opinion: Peel back the onion

January 7, 2016 Last August, the Warren County School District settled five lawsuits to the tune of $330,000. That’s a lot of money; one mill of taxes generates $363,354 in revenue. more »»

Our Opinion: In a word, crazy

January 6, 2016 Members of Congress were right to tighten visa requirements for citizens of 38 countries who formerly did not have to possess the documents to travel to the United States. more »»

Our Opinion: Get back to the table

December 30, 2015 Now we’re getting somewhere. But where was this in June? The headline says a little about a lot: “Wolf vetoes part of budget, but releases cash for schools.” June. Yes, Democratic Gov. more »»

Our Opinion: Plan ahead

December 29, 2015 We’re really not trying to preach. It’s just a reminder from friends that with New Year’s Eve comes a lot of parties and gatherings, and with parties and gatherings, comes a lot of drinking. more »»

Our Opinion: In the end, we’re all just Christmas lights... er, they’re all

December 26, 2015 I’m sure some of you may have driven through town looking at all the lights this Christmas Eve. more »»

Our Opinion: Not a good idea

December 23, 2015 Another year has come and gone with neither Congress nor the White House doing anything to ensure Social Security is viable for future generations. more »»

Our Opinion: A Christmas wish

December 22, 2015 “All I want for Christmas is...” If you continue singing the lyrics of this song that has been part of the holiday songfest for decades, the next four words would be “ two front teeth. more »»

Our Opinion: Paying dearly

December 21, 2015 You may have heard the suggestion that if guns are criminalized, only criminals will have gun. more »»

Our Opinion: Great job — snow or no snow

December 18, 2015 Warren County is well-known for snow. So well-known that we have an annual Warren County Winterfest event that takes place at Chapman State Park. more »»

Our Opinion: Demand for the pact

December 17, 2015 It probably will require weeks of examining and analyzing the Paris climate change agreement for Americans to understand fully what it means to u. more »»

Our Opinion: Enjoy it

December 15, 2015 Enjoy it. From what we are being told, the sky is not falling. more »»

Our Opinion: No one is excluded

December 10, 2015 If they had planned to do so, the man and woman who slaughtered 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif. more »»

Our Opinion: Here we go again

December 9, 2015 When Dr. Clark tendered his resignation as school superintendent on Monday night, a song came to min. more »»

Our Opinion: To the American people

December 4, 2015 President Barack Obama and his aides clearly want other world leaders at the Paris talks on climate change to believe our country is virtually unique. U.S. more »»

Our Opinion: A legitimate question

December 2, 2015 Are President Barack Obama’s histrionics over Syrian refugees out of concern for their welfare — or frustration that he is not getting his way? It is a legitimate question in view of his own... more »»

Our Opinion: A reasonable question

December 1, 2015 It’s a reasonable question. Who is hurting most by the state’s budget impasse? A Pennsylvania state budget impasse that’s 150 or so days late. Five months. more »»

Our Opinion: Strength in numbers

November 19, 2015 French President Francois Hollande is absolutely correct: Civilized nations, even those with long, sometimes bitter records of rivalry, must unite if we are to destroy Islamic terrorism. more »»



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