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Our opinion: Our melting pot

August 29, 2014 Look through a keyhole at any town in America and you will see a rich stew of national origins, creeds, races and cultures. more »»

Our opinion: Paving patience

August 28, 2014 It took a long, fearsome winter to wreck roads in and around Warren; it’s going to take weeks to repair the damage to many of them. more »»

Our opinion: Moving forward

August 27, 2014 Eric Barron has been given the job of walking through a room filled with flying bullets. Yes, he has his head down. more »»

Our opinion: A poorly considered plan

August 26, 2014 OK, we understand that it costs money to maintain trails and signs on Pennsylvania state game lands, and somebody has to pay the freight for maintaining public property. more »»

Our opinion: Heroes one and all

August 25, 2014 Regular readers of the Times Observer will notice something missing in today’s paper. There is no story about World War II through the eyes of a local veteran. more »»

Our opinion: The Saga of The Sign

August 22, 2014 We’d like to reiterate Don Nelson’s words on the Crary Art Gallery sign debacle: “This has been way over-thought. more »»

Our opinion: A fertile acorn

August 21, 2014 The old saw goes like this: “A mighty oak grows from a single acorn.” And, like many old saws, this one is not only a botanical fact, but it has analogical applications to life. more »»

Our opinion: More support

August 20, 2014 Islamic State terrorists poised to conquer Iraq will suffer from U.S. airstrikes — but that will not be enough to defeat them. Only attacks on the ground can do that. more »»

Our opinion: More candid candidates

August 15, 2014 If you watch television and pay attention to political advertising you have learned by now that alternately Tom Wolf would ruin Pennsylvania and Gov. more »»

Our opinion: A solution to a non-problem

August 14, 2014 On Monday night the Warren County School Board succeeded in making a fairly simple, long-standing policy unnecessarily complicated and dangerously close to an invasion of privac. more »»

Our opinion: Welcome aboard...

August 13, 2014 Perhaps it is time federal airport security screeners are told to do more “profiling” of a sort. A week ago, a San Francisco woman managed to sneak aboard an airliner in San Jose, Calif. more »»

Our opinion: A week-long party

August 12, 2014 For those of you who perhaps didn’t get sufficiently saturated with fun last week at the Warren County Fair, Sheffield has an antidote for post-fair boredom. more »»

Our opinion: Geography needed

August 11, 2014 As Washington, D.C., resident Justin Gray was trying to board an airliner in Orlando, Fla., earlier this summer, a Transportation Safety Administration agent asked him for some identification. more »»

Our opinion: No smoking gun

August 8, 2014 It’s not the smoking gun some Democrats would have liked, the sort of unequivocal violation of law that would bring a political candidate, even an incumbent governor, to his knees tearfully begging... more »»

Our opinion: Stacking the deck

August 4, 2014 Pennsylvania is a de facto two-party state, and state election law is written to make sure it stays that way. more »»

Our opinion: The shadows remain

August 1, 2014 It could be years before the Gordian knot that was GROWarren — its failed projects, its web of alliances, its wasted money — is untangled, if ever. more »»

Our opinion: Follow-up needed at VA

July 31, 2014 A proposal leaders in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives hope will provide better service to veterans in need of medical care was finalized during the weeken. more »»

Our opinion: A PG window on history

July 30, 2014 There will be two events this weekend in Warren County that will portray vignettes of two crucibles of this nation’s history. One will be in Tidioute and one will be in Warren. more »»

Our opinion: Crazy mixed-up politics

July 29, 2014 Gov. Tom Corbett’s warming cold war with the legislature controlled by his own party could provide him with some much-needed traction among independents in the state. more »»

Our opinion: Great theater, good plan

July 28, 2014 Warren has some jewels in its midst, and one of them dominates the intersection of Third Avenue and Liberty Street. more »»



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