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Our opinion: A PG window on history

July 30, 2014 There will be two events this weekend in Warren County that will portray vignettes of two crucibles of this nation’s history. One will be in Tidioute and one will be in Warren. more »»

Our opinion: Crazy mixed-up politics

July 29, 2014 Gov. Tom Corbett’s warming cold war with the legislature controlled by his own party could provide him with some much-needed traction among independents in the state. more »»

Our opinion: Great theater, good plan

July 28, 2014 Warren has some jewels in its midst, and one of them dominates the intersection of Third Avenue and Liberty Street. more »»

Our opinion: Financial literacy

July 25, 2014 Public school teachers and administrators sometimes grow frustrated at demands politicians put on them. No wonder. more »»

Our opinion: The Crary conundrum

July 24, 2014 Seldom in the annals of Warren City government has the display of three words been so vexing: “Crary Art Galler. more »»

Our opinion: A stink at the IRS

July 22, 2014 Internal Revenue Service officials testifying before Congress in the probe of the agency’s harassment of conservative organizations have acted shocked — shocked — at suggestions a coverup is... more »»

Our opinion: Ancient grudges inflamed

July 21, 2014 Sunni Muslim extremists who have proclaimed creation of a caliphate in Iraq and Syria have been ridiculed by many of their enemies, including other Islamic rebels in Syria. more »»

Our opinion: Remember responsibility?

July 18, 2014 We’re all for the effort to spruce up the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor on the east side of Warren, but we experience a philosophical conundrum when it comes to using tax money to underwrite improvin... more »»

Our opinion: WGH, onward

July 16, 2014 Change is seldom easy, and when that change involves the top leadership of a key community resource, it is never easy. more »»

Our opinion: A Keystone spat

July 15, 2014 Saying there is some political disarray among the leadership of the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the Corbett administration is like saying that Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz disagree on one or two... more »»

Our opinion: Punishing complainers

July 14, 2014 Many people who work in the private sector would have no trouble answering a “what’s wrong with this picture” question about a Veterans Affairs Department official’s apology this week. more »»

Our opinion: Playing the game

July 11, 2014 In politics — the art of keeping yourself employed by the taxpayers for as long as possible — the goal is to balance the wants and needs of different groups, while weighing the potential damage with... more »»

Our opinion: Rehabilitating a word

July 10, 2014 “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” Pennsylvania General Assembly and Gov. Tom Corbett don’t share Juliet Capulet’s assessment of labels. more »»

Our opinion: Shame on them

July 9, 2014 It’s not often that property crime rises to the level of revulsion, but this is one of those times. more »»

Our opinion: Dangerous ruling

July 8, 2014 National Labor Relations Board members have an opportunity to avoid making their agency look ridiculous, simple-minded and biased. They should take i. more »»

Our opinion: Celebrating equality

July 4, 2014 “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit o... more »»

Our opinion: Responsible coincidence

July 2, 2014 Late Monday night the Warren County School Board and Gov. Tom Corbett were doing something very similar at the same time. They were hanging tough in the search for reasonable budgets. more »»

Our opinion: Act quickly on abuse

July 1, 2014 Law enforcement agencies and prosecuting attorneys in this area tend to act immediately when they hear of children being abused. Apparently that is not the case everywhere. more »»

Our opinion: There when you need them

June 30, 2014 “Beautiful...nice people.” That was an elderly Sheffield woman’s exclamation as she climbed out of a raft manned by members of the Glade Township Volunteer Fire Department Swift Water Rescue Tea. more »»

Our opinion: Papering the hole

June 27, 2014 If you are a fan of dark humor, we direct your attention to the budget plan passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Wednesday. more »»



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