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Our opinion: Beating the clock

June 28, 2013 Pennsylvania government, and the state General Assembly in particular, does not perform well on a tight deadlin. more »»

Our opinion: A hometown

June 27, 2013 Some of the simplest words in the English language are among the most profound: Love, hate, home. Each of them conjure strong emotions. The first two elicit the polar opposites of the sou. more »»

On The Record

June 27, 2013 Conewango Twp. Harassment. Warren-based state police reported that on June 25 at 7:10 p.m. Brenda Denise Carroll, 35, Warren, repeatedly screamed at and confronted Bessica Jane Walter, 38, Warren. more »»

Our opinion:?Compromise where due

June 26, 2013 With his poll numbers dragging and Senate and House constituents restive, it is becoming increasingly clear that the cozy relationship between Gov. more »»

Our opinion: A good first step

June 25, 2013 It is not always true that cutting costs for important services that are overseen by government results in a degradation of those services. more »»

Our opinion: That uneasy feeling

June 24, 2013 There has been something unsettling about the selection of a new Warren County School District superintendent. more »»

Our opinion: Reasonable solution

June 21, 2013 We’ll have to give Warren City Council credit for coming up with a decent compromise solution to the angst generated by large crowds in close proximity to decorative planters in the downtown distric... more »»

Our Opinion: Bumps in the Road

June 20, 2013 Budgets, whether they’re done on your kitchen table or in the ornate salons of government, are much easier to do when times are fat; not so much when times are lean. more »»

Our opinion: It shouldn’t be a horse race

June 19, 2013 A long time ago, our society allowed competition to supplant achievement at the top of the chart for high school graduate. more »»

Our opinion: The middle works

June 17, 2013 There is a cynical old saying that no good deed goes unpunished and another that you can please some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the tim. more »»

Our opinion: Beyond the cliche

June 14, 2013 As a reader, if you took anything away from a report on a presentation to Warren County movers and shakers by representatives of “Destination Erie,” should be this: Erie needs us. more »»

Our opinion: Our flag, ourselves

June 13, 2013 Friday is Flag Day in America. No one gets the day off work. Banks are open, and there has never been a suggestion that the day be moved to a Monday to make a convenient long weeken. more »»

Our opinion: Surprise! Here’s the bill

June 11, 2013 There is an old saying: Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my par. more »»

Our opinion: ‘Right-sizing’ education?

June 10, 2013 According to a survey by the Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials, we are not alone. more »»

Our opinion: Teacher as provider

June 7, 2013 If you were a teacher in the Farmington Township School District — yes, there was one — in Warren County in 1920, you would have signed a contract providing you $80 a month in pay while school was i... more »»

Our opinion: The Penn-Liberty Paradigm

June 6, 2013 Now that a permanent four-way stop sign appears to be a fait accompli at one of the City of Warren’s busiest intersections, we believe it’s time for the city to review all of its traffic signage and... more »»

Our opinion: PennDOT says so

June 5, 2013 If the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation says a traffic signal is not required at an intersection of a state-maintained road, who are we to disagree? OK, we won’t, although we’re a bit... more »»

Our opinion: Seen but not heard

June 4, 2013 When an incumbent’s approval rating suffers, and an election is within a year or two, chances are you will see a lot of folks from the opposing party lining up to pick the low-hanging fruit. more »»

Our opinion: Image above all

May 31, 2013 When $60 million is involved in a punitive sanction against an institution, one might think the resulting anxiety would be over the cash. more »»

Our opinion: Council, undo a mistake

May 30, 2013 It was the first time in recent memory that a Memorial Day service was not conducted on the steps of the Warren County Courthous. more »»



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