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March 28, 2015 Incentive? Sometimes, it’s hard to attract the right kind of crowd to a public event. Sometimes, it’s hard to attract any kind of crowd. more »»

Rude people

March 28, 2015 Cara and I were in a taxi headed for the airport. I was flying home from New Orlean. more »»

Rude people

March 27, 2015 Cara and I were in a taxi headed for the airport. I was flying home from New Orlean. more »»

Can we dare to hope?

March 21, 2015 Long before the traditional signs of spring appear my allergies kick in. That was the case this past week. I have had allergy eyes as well as some congestion. more »»

Making memories at home

March 21, 2015 “Wow—look at the sky!” I called to my son as I peered out my dining room window at some dark and heavy clouds rolling in. more »»

Loving a legend

March 21, 2015 When I first met Walter, lo those many decades ago, I was young and I confess, occasionally impressed by a good-looking guy. Walter was blond and muscular, easy-going and funny. more »»

Iowa State, and that’s all she wrote

March 20, 2015 Let me get this straight — the entrant with the most points wins a rocking recliner from Mattress & More in Warren. more »»

26.2: Sticking to the plan

March 16, 2015 There are just 62 days left until the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. Which means that’s how many days are left before I officially become a “marathoner. more »»

Invasive species

March 14, 2015 There are some beautiful plants in and along the Allegheny and the Conewango. I like to point them out as I paddle along with a friend. Sometimes that’s a mistake. more »»

All aboard!

March 14, 2015 Through the years I have heard one conductor after another say the words I used for my title as I traveled by train. more »»

When it gets hot the car gives out

March 14, 2015 Dear Car Talk: We live in the Southwest and have a 1992 Lincoln Town Car, which is much loved by my husband. The only problem is that it likes to die when the temperature is above 96 degree. more »»

Fatherhood: Wrestling with my emotions

March 12, 2015 To say you wrestle with your emotions as a parent would be an understatement. As a father, you wrestle with your own emotions, as well as your children’s, your wife’s, your cat’. more »»

Snow big thing

March 7, 2015 The weather this winter has been the beast to beat - every day. more »»

Wheels and blades

February 28, 2015 Now that football is over I find myself looking for other sports to watch on the weekend. For the last couple weeks I have watched figure skating competitions and show. more »»

Crossword clue

February 28, 2015 I like to do crossword puzzles. I learn some vocabulary words, some that are only of use in crossword puzzles. more »»

Winter raises its ugly head!

February 21, 2015 At one point I looked out the window and could not see the pine trees that border Hickory Heights on the west. They are not even 100 yards from the house. more »»

No time like the present

February 21, 2015 I hire bands from time to time to perform at youth events. My wife and I usually take them out for dinner afterward to help them unwind and to give them a taste of the communit. more »»

26.2: It’s better to be patient when it’s -25 degrees outside

February 16, 2015 If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself as a runner from marathon training over the last seven weeks, it’s the importance of being patient. more »»

Simple hitches!

February 14, 2015 Since the official day that celebrates love, Valentine’s Day, was this weekend I decided it was the perfect time to write about love. more »»

Cara’s car, the slap of reality

February 14, 2015 On Christmas day, Cara sat looking at me in a strange way. “What?” I said. She’d already had a cry that morning. I knew that she was feeling emotional. more »»



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