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Walking down Memory Lane

August 9, 2014 For all of us “Memory Lane” has many facets. Just exactly how young we begin to remember is a good question. If there are photographs of a certain time period I think that stirs memorie. more »»

The Travel Bug

August 9, 2014 Of all the bugs I’ve known – from ants to aphids or fleas to fruit flies, I like my travel bug the best. I think I was bitten by my mother’s personal travel bug – she was the carrier. more »»

Tending the garden

August 9, 2014 I often find myself engaging the community on behalf of Family Services. more »»

Passing on family history

August 2, 2014 My grandchildren had volunteered to help me with a few things this summer. Last Thursday I took them up on it. I picked up my daughter’s two children and brought them home with me. more »»

National Smile Week

August 2, 2014 When you’re smiling on the outside you change how you feel on the inside. When you see someone else smile it makes you smile. more »»

Dangerous place, happy thoughts

August 2, 2014 My day starts early with uninterrupted computer time. That time is even more precious to me now that Cara has parked herself in a war zon. more »»

The Eyes Have It

July 26, 2014 I can’t imagine life without my peepers. Yet foolishly, like most fortunate people with good eye health, I take them for grante. more »»

I challenge you!

July 26, 2014 I challenge you to compare the many offerings when you visit the supermarket. Not all products are what they first seem to be. more »»

What, me worry?

July 26, 2014 I worry. For a complete list of things I worry about, well, it would take a series of columns in this space that would last for weeks, maybe months. more »»

Hummingbirds love the yard

July 19, 2014 I used to faithfully put up my hummingbird feeders as soon as I saw the little guys return, but now with the bears in our area I hesitate to feed them. I have done the next best thin. more »»

Reality bites

July 19, 2014 Although I consider myself a realist, I have to admit that I have had a bit of trouble wrapping my head around the news that Cara was headed to Afghanistan to take a teaching position. more »»

The first step

July 19, 2014 It is inspiring to hear stories about good that came out of unlikely circumstances. Take Bill, for instance. more »»

Family times always made for fun

July 12, 2014 When the children were young and wanted some fun we made as much fun at home as we could. Instead of taking our children someplace we figured out how to have fun at home. more »»

Listening to the quiet

July 12, 2014 The grandchildren left Tuesday and we commented to each other how quiet was. After a nine day visit with my daughter and her husband, the Princess of Boston and her little brother, Mr. more »»

Strong? Well, Strong-ER!

July 12, 2014 I was never one for exercising. I was always a wiry little guy in pretty good shape with decent agility and high metabolism. I was always a big eater, a very big eater. more »»

Cara relaxes

July 5, 2014 Dylan and Brittani are married now, and it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony, sweet and funny at the same time. They left for their honeymoon in Bermuda the morning after the wedding. more »»

And the rockets’ red glare

July 5, 2014 “And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there”. Of course, this comes from our country’s national anthem. more »»

Accountable Behavioral Healthcare

July 5, 2014 In prior articles we have discussed the importance of understanding mental health and addiction medicine so that the stigma of cognitive disorders can be reduced. more »»

A dog's story

June 21, 2014 Once upon a time, there was a bad dog. more »»

Swings and simpler times

June 21, 2014 My children had a swing set when they were young thanks to the dedication of my grandfather. more »»



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