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Jude’s reminder

May 7, 2016 Jude Dippold wrote a post on Facebook that finished off with “Whether or not I am able to write or to accomplish everything on my to-do list is not important. more »»

Healthcare Discussions With Debbie

May 7, 2016 As a young naive woman, I recall having a discussion with my now husband and his cousin while heading back to Villa Maria College, and Gannon University, respectively, after a weekend home. more »»

A freaking peacock was standing in the road

May 7, 2016 I hate running over animals. Now, I’ll admit, if it’s a deer vs. my car, that’s just going to leave me angry. I don’t feel bad when it’s a dee. more »»

Dear teachers, thank you

May 7, 2016 Dear Teachers, I hated you when I was in elementary school. I was undomesticated. I was wild. more »»


May 7, 2016 Budget season, duck season The school board is loaded with new and exciting things for new members. Like... budget season! At his first budget workshop, one board member said to his fellows... more »»

Run Rev: Twin Lakes has a bit of everything

April 29, 2016 The Allegheny National Forest is working with Running Revolutions on a series of articles about healthy activities, connecting with nature and learning about some of the wonderful recreational... more »»

Learning to lighten things up

April 23, 2016 Everyone in my family has an interest in lightening up the food we eat. When I read a recipe or see something made I think about how I could make it lighter. more »»

Liberal in America

April 23, 2016 I am not sure when it happened, but it seems to have become a crime to be poor. Well. more »»

‘Nice knowin’ ya’

April 23, 2016 If you never see my byline again after this, it’s because my mother has given up on her usually kind, loving, and peaceful (unless we’re watching hockey or football) ways, and has actually taken me... more »»

‘Not even close’

April 23, 2016 Warren County Treatment Court is not even close to what I think of when I think of court. I’ve been to many different types of court proceedings. I’d heard this was different, but court is cour. more »»


April 23, 2016 Economic principles There are only two things we remember from introduction to microeconomics. The rule of 72 and the law of diminishing returns. more »»

My furry friend

April 9, 2016 As I celebrated April Fool’s Day I also celebrated the anniversary of finding a new furry friend. more »»

The Boo-Boo

April 9, 2016 William’s favorite thing in the whole wide world is to help his grandpa do whatever it is that Grandpa happens to be doing when he gets picked up on Saturdays. more »»

Keep our wild areas wild, wilderness areas wilderness

April 9, 2016 Do not let their foot in the door. There are people who would prefer that all forms of outdoor recreation be allowed on all public lands. more »»

Nature more than a green blur

April 9, 2016 “I wish I had spent more time learning what it out there” a volunteer mentioned to me recently. One of a group of active hiking and biking people, she has sped through nature at breakneck speeds. more »»

I’ve never run in a 5K

April 9, 2016 Hate is a really strong word. I don’t hate a lot of things. I dislike some things. I dislike being stung by a bee. I dislike seasonal allergies. Roughly eight months ago, I hated jogging. more »»

PA Route 6 Artisan Trail celebrates artists using natural materials

April 9, 2016 Across US Route 6 in Pennsylvania, many talented artisans are using their surroundings as both inspiration and materials for their creative works. more »»

Day by day

April 9, 2016 There was a buzz, or whatever it's called these days, on Facebook recently including lamentations over not having Martin Luther King Day off. more »»


April 9, 2016 Stay tuned Another time that attempt to keep participants more involved frequently shows up is in the first time something is used. more »»

Jumping the gun on trout season

March 31, 2016 With a couple weeks still remaining before the start of trout season and a good looking nymph in my fly tying vice, the thought of waiting until the opening day of trout season was out of the... more »»



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