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Heads, we win!

November 8, 2014 Readers of this column know I am always looking for what a situation is trying to teach me. We should be life-long learners and open to learning from all kinds of sources and experiences. more »»

An apple a day

November 1, 2014 I found some good apples at a local market that handles produce from the farms in the area. more »»

Homework help a click away

November 1, 2014 The Warren County School District has an impressive array of online tools available to assist elementary school students with homework and enrichment learning. more »»

What are the odds?

October 25, 2014 We’ve all had it happen – that coincidence that is so uncanny it makes us believers in . .. more »»

One person truly can make a fifference

October 25, 2014 If you think there is nothing you can do, you are wrong. All it takes is one person to make a difference in someone’s life. more »»

Upcoming changes in the Catholic world

October 25, 2014 Why would a pope call for a debate by bishops about Catholic moral teachings? Official Catholic moral teachings are considered unchangeable by conservative bishops. more »»

Take a picture, it’ll last longer

October 25, 2014 I had a camera on my shoulder almost constantly for the first 20 years of my working career. I think everyone should carry one all the time. There’s a great metaphor for life attached to that idea. more »»

End of the garden!

October 11, 2014 Recently I raided my son’s garden looking for green tomatoes. I found only one, but I brought it home, cut it up, and fried it. more »»

Exploring the safe deposit box

October 11, 2014 If a safe deposit box is a time capsule, I’m in trouble. When I die, and my children view the contents, they will probably question why they didn’t have me committed. more »»

Phone numbers and cockpits

October 11, 2014 I don’t drive very long distances very often, so when the radio is on, usually tuned to NPR talk radio, I get just little snippets of their great stories. more »»

21st Century Community Learning Center After School/Summer Program

October 11, 2014 The 21st Century Community Learning Center Program in the Warren County School District began its fourth year on Sept. 8. more »»

The bold colors of autumn

October 4, 2014 The fall equinox is behind us. The bold colors of autumn begin to flourish. On a recent road trip I took in the gorgeous scenery. The sumac leaves are as red as their blossoms these days. more »»

War Zones

October 4, 2014 I try very hard to keep a balance between common sense and my maternal instincts, but it is a hard balance to maintain, especially when you are the mother to a woman like Cara. more »»

Improvise, adapt & overcome

October 4, 2014 The story goes that in the early days of the Marines they were poorly equipped with Army hand-me-downs. more »»

How the cars have changed

September 27, 2014 When I wrote about learning to drive it also brought back memories of the cars of that era and before. The first car I remember my family having was a blue Buick. It was probably a late 1940s model. more »»

Metamorphosis isn’t death

September 27, 2014 Samuel Longhorn Clemens, known to most of us as Mark Twain, submitted a correction to a story that appeared in the New York Journal on or about June 1, 1897. more »»

Have a little faith

September 27, 2014 I’ve heard that statement used so many ways. When the fishing isn’t particularly good in the morning it’s: “Have a little faith, they’ll bite later. more »»

Out with summer, in with winter footwear

September 13, 2014 My feet are already rebelling. They know that cold weather is fast approaching and they will have to be enclosed in toed shoes. more »»

Out with summer, in with winter footwear

September 13, 2014 My feet are already rebelling. They know that cold weather is fast approaching and they will have to be enclosed in toed shoe. more »»

Who cares! and Who cares?

September 13, 2014 Language is fun to play with. Those two identical phrases can carry completely different meanings. Usually it’s voice inflection indicated by the punctuation that can make them so different. more »»



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