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I can almost taste it!

January 14, 2012 One of the things that I like about January is the arrival of the catalogs from the nurserie. more »»

We’re all the same, only different

January 14, 2012 It’s a short drive to work. I can hardly listen to a whole favorite song. Many times I’ll hear just a portion of a story on NPR. more »»


January 14, 2012 Mixing business with pleasure The radio scanner in the newsroom is a good source of information. It can also be a source of entertainment. more »»

Time to talk politics at the dinner table

January 14, 2012 We all have heard the admonishment that polite people never discuss politics or religion at the dinner table. Forgive me, but that sounds like a big part of the problem right now in America. more »»


January 14, 2012 Automatic salary increases for elected officials must end Imagine a scenario where you could guarantee yourself a pay raise every year, no matter wha. more »»

Encouragement goes a long way

January 7, 2012 A commercial that aired during the holiday season is one of my favorites. I remember seeing it before, but it never gets old. A family attends a concert in a large auditoriu. more »»

Food for thought

January 7, 2012 This time of year finds many people making resolutions regarding the dinner plate, usually in an effort to undo the damage done to the waistline between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. more »»


January 7, 2012 Redevelopment sale or Wanted: the stuff you wrote about After getting a chuckle out of the interior vinyl in a previous Afterthought, newsroom staffers faced an unexpected situatio. more »»


January 7, 2012 Santa, disguised as my son, Bart, gave me a smart phone for Christmas. more »»

Priest brawl in Bethlehem – An historical symbol

January 7, 2012 Priests in a public brawl inside the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem captured broad public attention. more »»

Coping with changes

December 31, 2011 “If I have to explain, you won’t understand.” Harley Davidson Co. As 2011 slips away and 2012 enters it is time to remember, then to move on. more »»

It’s all good!

December 31, 2011 We sure do approach life in some funny ways sometimes. A friend locked her keys in her car the other day. more »»

He likes the car, but doesn’t like feeling road

December 31, 2011 Dear Tom and Ray: I recently purchased a 2006 Mazda MX5 with 48,000 mile. more »»

Holiday cacophony

December 31, 2011 When Dylan was five, he had a cowboy themed bedroom. He is now 25, and his tastes have changed. He’s not interested in being a cowboy, having discovered the joys of programmable logic controls. more »»


December 31, 2011 Utilities should learn from 2011 One of the biggest stories of 2011 was the weather. Mother Nature pounded Pennsylvania with hurricanes, tornadoes, historic rainfalls and early snowstorm. more »»

Gifts and wrapping

December 24, 2011 Life is very much like a Christmas gift. Just as gifts are a mystery, life is not always what it appears to be either. Some people wrap their lives in beautiful things. more »»

Curious for the taste of it

December 24, 2011 I have shared a lot of stories in this column since 2007. more »»

Run-flat tires are best option

December 24, 2011 Between yesterday afternoon and this morning, I have had three flat tires. The tire that was flat yesterday had a screw in it, and the tires that are flat this morning have finishing nails. more »»


December 24, 2011 Wanted: the stuff you wrote about After getting a chuckle out of the interior vinyl in a previous Afterthought, newsroom staffers faced an unexpected situation. more »»

Santa is coming to town

December 24, 2011 Well, tonight’s the night. I’m sure the big, red elf himself has already left the North Pole, heading for New Zealand, and all those other island countries that are a day ahead of us. more »»



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