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Strike 2

October 8, 2016 It’s bowling night. I’m about to bowl seriously (that may not be the right term) for the first time. I’m about to bowl and keep score for the first time in maybe a dozen years. more »»


October 8, 2016 Patting backs The school board regularly thanks those around it — the superintendent, administrators, staff, students. It should recognize the efforts of those peopl. more »»

Student perspective: Flannel as a resource

October 7, 2016 As many of you know, I am a junior at Warren Area High School. Warren Area High School has this amazing thing linked to it — the Flannel Panel, our student cheering sectio. more »»


October 1, 2016 Most of the young people today have no concept of hand-me-downs because we live in a throwaway society. They do not think about preserving things and passing them on to someone else. more »»

Just call me Miss Cleo

October 1, 2016 So I’m driving down Conewango Avenue, just after St. Paul Lutheran Church headed north. It’s that block just after Division Street. The leaves are changing. more »»

The Ol’ Ballgame

October 1, 2016 It’s almost World Series time. I’m not a baseball fan. I doubt I could even name all the major league teams. I did attend a Pirates game one time and saw a couple home runs and a triple play. more »»

She is gone

October 1, 2016 She was on this earth 98 years, one month and 30 days and except for this past summer, she lived them all to the fullest. more »»


October 1, 2016 Instinct A reporter went to a school board meeting and a parade broke out. When a school district administrator knocked the bowl of candy in front of him over, several pieces landed on the floo. more »»

Descendants of Yahoo the Red Squirrel

September 29, 2016 Fall has many defining characteristics related to the outdoors world. But something that happened a little over a week ago seems to me uncharacteristic. more »»

Lost and found

September 24, 2016 It seems that I have lost more things in the car I have now than I have ever lost before. I guess you could question if some of the things were actually lost. Maybe some of it relates to my age. more »»

Little boys, big surprises

September 24, 2016 I remember one Christmas when Dylan was small, maybe four years old or s. more »»

Miss Rum & Coke

September 24, 2016 Hi. My name is Stacey Rum and Coke. That’s what it says on my name ta. more »»

Intercountynental Potato Champion

September 24, 2016 I am the champion. During the second annual Intercountynental Potato Peeling Championship held Friday on Liberty Street, I was the fastest peeler. more »»

Snuff out House bill 2083

September 22, 2016 House Bill 2083 is an attempt by a certain sportsmen group to virtually take over the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. more »»

A student’s perspective: Construction affects education

September 20, 2016 When people think of the Warren Area High School they think, “Home of the Warren Dragons.” When I think of the high school, I think “construction zone. more »»

Grape Country

September 17, 2016 I grew up in grape country close to Lake Erie. Every time I see the commercial for Welch’s on television it reminds me of hom. more »»

Not a secret for fall fishing

September 17, 2016 The hot fall fishing patterns will be happening soon, barring unseasonable weather patterns. There is a fall fishing peak for nearly all local game fish. more »»

Both have wickedly resilient children

September 17, 2016 Yesterday, I surprised my kids with something that I’m so glad they’re the types of kids to get excited about: two bags stuffed with plastic skeleton garland, green, purple, orange, and candy corn... more »»

Living with the Left Wing

September 17, 2016 The first president I ever voted for was LBJ, and I pulled the lever for the political left with my right hand. It was the only thing I could do – for two reasons. more »»

A lifetime of opportunity

September 13, 2016 The world is huge and there is no way to truly grasp that hugeness. In my head, I know that someone is experiencing the opposite season somewhere in the world. more »»



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