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A rare day

February 27, 2016 I found out I know three people born on February 29. One must be in her 90’s, the others, probably, early 40’s. So they’ve had, maybe 23, 10, 11, birthday. more »»

Gift of Love

February 27, 2016 In this world, nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes. Benjamin Franklin wrote that in a letter back in 1789. Not much has change. more »»


February 27, 2016 William turned five last week and I really could not wrap my head around that fact. more »»

The Super Pigeon

February 27, 2016 It’s pretty seldom that I come up with ways for the Times Observer to save money. That’s not in my job description. But this time, I think I have the one. Genetically-engineered super pigeons. more »»


February 27, 2016 Accountant wanted One political party recently sat down to talk to some new county politicians to get to know them. more »»

The bird is not the word

February 24, 2016 Like most offices, the Times Observer receives many visitors. On Monday, one of those visitors was, to be frank, pretty flighty. I think it was a sparrow. Bob insists it was a chickadee. more »»

‘The hardest part is over’

February 24, 2016 “The hardest part is over,” I told my daughter, who lay stiff as a board, left arm at a right angle to her body and a horrified grimace tugging the corners of her mouth toward the center of the eart... more »»

Something sour from something sweet

February 20, 2016 Years ago when my son and his family lived in a trailer down the road he had a beautiful garden. He tended it faithfully, and his produce flourished. That year he had a bumper crop of cabbage. more »»

Ockham’s Razor = me!

February 20, 2016 “Ahhh, don’t overthink things,” a coworker wrote to me one evening earlier this week. To overthink is, apparently, my verb. It’s what I do. Overthink: verb. See? According to dictionary. more »»

Sky Time

February 20, 2016 Old habits die hard. I’m pretty sure I don’t even think much about some of my day-to-day habits. more »»


February 20, 2016 I have a coffee problem. I’m not too big to admit it. I love the stuff. more »»

Like a brick house

February 20, 2016 My maternal grandfather, “Nonnu” to me, and my cousins, and all the kids in Kushequa, came here from Italy about 100 years ago. He was barely out of his teens. He worked making bricks and tile. more »»


February 20, 2016 I’m not much of a gambler. Unless you consider buying a Powerball ticket when the pot is over $500 million gambling. In that case, yes, I gamble. more »»

Squirrel Wars: May the nuts be with you

February 18, 2016 If you live on the edges of town, or out of town near nut bearing trees, you probably have witnessed squirrel wars. Gray squirrels and red squirrels are regular visitors to feeders in my backyard. more »»

And he was beautiful

February 15, 2016 I saw a helicopter the other day. Nothing new there. With Warren General Hospital down the road, seeing and hearing emergency medical choppers is close to a daily event for me. more »»

My Valentine’s!

February 15, 2016 As a general rule, I dislike Valentine’s Day. I’ve grown salty over the years, and with experience. I’m not a lover of sap and softness. more »»

What type of love do you celebrate

February 13, 2016 As the 14th of February rolls around it seems it is all hearts, flowers, candy, and romantic cards. Now, there is nothing wrong with any of these, but most of them are disposabl. more »»


February 13, 2016 Making the cut At a recent meeting between newly-seated politicians and a group of their constituents, it was pointed out by one in attendance that one of the politicians had been seeing his fair... more »»

What if...

February 13, 2016 I know a fellow who is one of the smartest people I kno. more »»

Make up your mind — ice or open water

February 13, 2016 Is it time to put the ice fishing gear away for the season, or will we be using the ice fishing gear again? Who knows with the wacky weather this winter, but I am leaving my options open. more »»



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