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The first step

July 19, 2014 It is inspiring to hear stories about good that came out of unlikely circumstances. Take Bill, for instance. more »»

Family times always made for fun

July 12, 2014 When the children were young and wanted some fun we made as much fun at home as we could. Instead of taking our children someplace we figured out how to have fun at home. more »»

Listening to the quiet

July 12, 2014 The grandchildren left Tuesday and we commented to each other how quiet was. After a nine day visit with my daughter and her husband, the Princess of Boston and her little brother, Mr. more »»

Strong? Well, Strong-ER!

July 12, 2014 I was never one for exercising. I was always a wiry little guy in pretty good shape with decent agility and high metabolism. I was always a big eater, a very big eater. more »»

Cara relaxes

July 5, 2014 Dylan and Brittani are married now, and it was a beautiful outdoor ceremony, sweet and funny at the same time. They left for their honeymoon in Bermuda the morning after the wedding. more »»

And the rockets’ red glare

July 5, 2014 “And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there”. Of course, this comes from our country’s national anthem. more »»

Accountable Behavioral Healthcare

July 5, 2014 In prior articles we have discussed the importance of understanding mental health and addiction medicine so that the stigma of cognitive disorders can be reduced. more »»

A dog's story

June 21, 2014 Once upon a time, there was a bad dog. more »»

Swings and simpler times

June 21, 2014 My children had a swing set when they were young thanks to the dedication of my grandfather. more »»

Rebuild your life

June 21, 2014 As I researched topics for this month’s article, I googled what important topics or awareness month June was noted for. more »»

Wrestling with curtains and windows

June 14, 2014 With all of the cold weather this spring I am a little late getting my spring chores done. Yesterday I tackled the upstairs windows and curtain. more »»

What a gift

June 14, 2014 Every day is a gift. Some of the simplest ones are great; a call from a friend, a smile, a hug…. I’ve been volunteering during the remodeling at House of Hope. more »»

Fashion statements change frequently

June 7, 2014 The style of shoes changes more quickly than you can hope to keep up with. When you are my age you do not care. You wear what feels good and what you think looks goo. more »»

The benefits of summer camp

June 7, 2014 Parents want to see their children mature and thrive. There is an excellent, but often underutilized tool available to help kids do this: summer camp. more »»

Take opportunities that come your way

May 31, 2014 Life is full of opportunities. We must learn to recognize them and take advantage of them. Often we see things come our way, but reject them. We need to learn to be more open. more »»

Traveling mercies

May 31, 2014 My youth group and I had a reflective and enjoyable winter retreat in Pittsburgh. The only thing left on our agenda was lunch and a leisurely trek home (or so we thought. more »»

Cara dares

May 31, 2014 It has been a stressful time for Cara. She did not talk about it, but it manifested itself in many ways, with much of it directed towards the parental units. more »»

Tra-la, it’s May...

May 24, 2014 Have you been enjoying the daffodils and tulips? Aren’t the flowering trees magnificent? Can you smell those lilacs? As they sang in the grand musical, Camelot, “Tra-la, it’s May, the lusty month... more »»

Now I know that it is Spring!

May 17, 2014 When I went over to my daughter’s for Mother’s Day brunch I checked the bed of rhubarb. Guess what? It is ready. more »»

How to improve communication

May 17, 2014 “Good communication” is the most common answer I get when I ask people what makes for a healthy relationship. Yet I wonder how truly skillful we are about i. more »»



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