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Work together to make a difference

May 15, 2009 Adults expect a lot of young people: to learn to treat people fairly and with kindness, act responsibly, get good grades, and become successful. more »»

Looking to bright future

May 8, 2009 Stories about people who have overcome incredible odds to make a difference or achieve a dream abound throughout history. more »»

Danger Under The Sun

May 1, 2009 Basking in the sunshine to develop a golden tan seems harmless - until skin cancer becomes a threat. more »»

What if you live to be 100?

May 1, 2009 If you live to 100, what do you want people to remember about you? Will your actions over the years reflect what you believe in and stand for? When young people think today about what they want... more »»

Helping to build self-esteem

April 24, 2009 High self-esteem doesn’t necessarily come naturally. Adults, by the way they act and interact, teach young people to believe in themselves and like themselves. more »»

Gambling It All Away

April 24, 2009 For some, gambling is just a playful roll of the dice or being dealt the perfect hand of cards. To others, it becomes a debilitating addiction where taking chances become a necessity. more »»

Help young people bring out their best

April 10, 2009 The way people feel about themselves can fluctuate with circumstances. more »»

The Peace Of Yoga

April 10, 2009 Inner peace. more »»

Working it out

April 3, 2009 Whether it is a spat between sisters over who should take out the trash or an argument between nations over natural resources, disagreements are a part of being human. more »»

Two-Wheel Safetu

April 3, 2009 Safety first. Whether it’s a long ride along a trail or a short trip to the corner store, bicycle accidents resulting in head injuries are more common than many people think. more »»

The art of resistance and reasoning

March 27, 2009 Learning resistance is one of the most important social skills to develop. more »»

Mold Season

March 27, 2009 A-a-choo! It’s that time of year again. Allergy season is in full swing and mold spores are coming out of hiding. more »»

Teaching young people to appreciate differences

March 20, 2009 Although most people gravitate toward people who are similar to themselves, it’s important to expose young people to a variety of cultures and people. more »»

Veterans Fight ALS

March 20, 2009 ALS can strike anyone, anywhere and at anytime, but veterans may be at a higher risk. more »»

Pint-Size Help Is Huge

March 13, 2009 March is Red Cross Month. The Times Observer is marking the occasion by publishing a series of articles about the local chapter and its functions. more »»

Learning to walk in others’ shoes

March 13, 2009 Most young people know how to make friends. They notice when something bad happens to a friend, and when someone is acting differently. more »»

Decisions, decisions

March 6, 2009 Wear a blue shirt or a red shirt? Try to fit in or create your own style? Go out with so-and-so or find a way to say “No thanks”? Watch some TV or do homework... more »»

Health officials warn that smokeless tobacco ‘can be highly addictive’ and ‘not harmless’

March 6, 2009 Did you know that northwestern Pennsylvania has a higher percentage of persons who use smokeless tobacco than other parts of the state? It’s tru. more »»

A Fasmily Affair

February 27, 2009 It’s a difficult journey for anyone dealing with an eating disorder and their family, as a Warren family knows all too well. more »»

Healthy Advice

February 27, 2009 Learning social skills is a lot like learning to play the piano in that you need to learn some basic competencies and you need someone to teach you those skills. more »»



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