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Tech Toys Taking Over Youths’ Interests

March 9, 2010 It's chic to be a geek if you're a kid today. more »»

Teens Go Green

March 9, 2010 BY JASON WILLIAMS, ENGLISH TEACHER, WASHINGTON MIDDLE SCHOOL Top o’ the mornin’ to ya! IT’S MARCH!!! I don’t know about all of you, but this is one of my... more »»

Ten Tactics To Stay Involved In Your Early Teen’s Life

March 9, 2010 BY JANET FORBES, BUSINESS & COMMUNITY LAISON, CASSADAGA JOB CORPS ACADEMY Getting more involved now in your early teen’s life will help you stay connected tomorrow. more »»

Don't Sell Yourself Short

March 9, 2010  BY I.F. EASTMAN, M.A. FAMILY SERVICES OF WARREN COUNTY “Make some noise out there with your shovels," said the park ranger to the youth group. more »»

From The Editor

February 3, 2010 My husband and I both enjoy the adventure of a new experience. It is one of the ways we are very similar. Therefore, it is not surprising that we have noticed this tendency in both of our childre. more »»

Checking in with Maslow Looking at Life’s Priorities as a Parent

February 3, 2010 BY RACHEL MESMER LUDWIG, CHILDREN’S SPOA COORDINATOR What is important to you? A new year’s test is to ask yourself this question from each of the roles you hold in your life. more »»

Helping Your Family Overcome the Great Geographical Divide

February 3, 2010 BY JULIA DERKOVITZ, SUPERVISOR AT SUNY FREDONIA Though I’m not from Western New York, I certainly don’t mind living here. more »»

Art Role in Education

February 3, 2010 BY WESLEY BOSSMAN, ART DEPARTMENT CHAIR, JAMESTOWN PUBLIC SCHOOLS My greetings to all you parents, and a wish for a prosperous and productive new year ahead! I’m excited to have the... more »»

Music: A Natural Connection to Growth & Development

February 3, 2010 BY HEIDI WOODARD, RESOURCE & REFERRAL COUNSELOR, CHAUTAUQUA OPPORTUNITIES Music is a part of life in every country and every culture. more »»

Things Parents Can Do to Prep Kids for State Exams

February 3, 2010 BY CAROLYNN WESP, 4TH GRADE TEACHER, SOUTHWESTERN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Often times when parents ask me what they can do to help their child succeed on the rigorous NY State Tests, I’m... more »»

Book Reviews

February 3, 2010 By Valle BlairPre K-1st ONE, TWO, BUCKLE MY SHOE by JANE CABRERA (Holiday House, 2009) *** Everyone’s favorite counting rhyme comes around again with a rollicking new twis. more »»

Brussels Sprouts and Little White Lies

February 3, 2010 BY DODI KINGSFIELD, TECHNICAL SERVICES SUPERVISOR, FREELANCE WRITER & AUTHOR, FORESTVILLEBrussels sprouts, broccoli, squash, lima beans, beets, cabbage. more »»

Teenage Caffeine Consumption & Osteoporosis

February 3, 2010 BY JANET LARSEN, WCA HOSPITAL SENIOR RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGIST My teenage daughter thinks it is great fun to have a few cups of vanilla cappuccino on the weekend and then test her... more »»

The 21st Century Skills Movement and Your Child

February 3, 2010 BY MARY C. ROCKEY, PH. D., BCBA, DIRECTOR OF PUPIL SERVICES, RANDOLPH CENTRAL SCHOOL There is a lot of talk about how to prepare today’s children for the 21st century. more »»

Teaching Children to be Accepting

February 3, 2010 BY DIANE WOLEEN, DIRECTOR OF RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OF HOLY FAMILY PARISH Bullying! It's a huge problem in our society and in our schools. more »»

Attending to Our Attention Span

February 3, 2010 BY LINDA SWANSON, RETIRED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINICIPAL Have you ever heard something recounted over and over - even having it applied to multiple situations yet you just didn't... more »»

The Simplicity of Love

February 3, 2010 BY LINDSEY STAPLES, UPK TEACHER’S ASSISTANT, HERITAGE HOUSE CHILDCARE & LEARNING CENTER With all the mystery surrounding the legends of the history of Valentine’s Day, it is... more »»

5 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them

February 3, 2010 BY LISA JORDAN, FAMILY CHILD CARE PROVIDER/WRITER, WARREN Some of my favorite memories of spending time with my boys when they were little include flying kites in the park, cuddling... more »»

Helping Your Teen Feel Connected to School

February 3, 2010 BY JANET FORBES, BUSINESS & COMMUNITY LAISON, CASSADAGA JOB CORPS ACADEMY As a parent, you want your teen to do well in school. more »»

The Three “R’s”

February 3, 2010 BY JASON WILLIAMS, ENGLISH TEACHER, WASHINGTON MIDDLE SCHOOL The famous “three R’s” of education: reading, writing, and arithmeti. more »»



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