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Unpaid taxes

August 5, 2013

Dear editor: Well, here it is again, my favorite time of the year when the Times Observer publishes seven and one-half-ages of unpaid taxes due to the City of Warren and all of Warren Count....

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Aug-14-13 9:19 AM

Let's define "scum of the earth". Works 13 hour days, EARNS a paycheck vs living off taxpayers, pays all bills ON-TIME, owns paid-off home and 3 vehicles, zero debt, married to one woman for 20+ years vs whimsical partner swapping, lives with and supports his children vs taxpayers paying for them, volunteer community servant, average $10k+ annual charity contributions, no alcohol, no cigarettes, no drugs, lives within means, not a "the world owes me, it's everybody else's fault" whiner, knows that criminal charges should "HAVE been filed", vs "OF been filed". Cleared up?

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Aug-13-13 4:08 PM

Wait paying more than their share????

What while they were earning interest?

The reason they get charged more is because they haven't paid on time.

I'm fine with allowing people to be late, if they prove their hardship with documentation.

Without that proof they are playing a game on all us other on time taxpayers.

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Aug-07-13 10:22 PM

justobserving: if your dad is 88 years old he most likely retired prior to 2003, unless he worked there until he was 77, which is possible but improbable. That money he "saved his whole life" was probably through buying shares in the company, which he was paid in a lump sum when he retired from that company, maybe as much as $70K or more. That is the nest egg most people thought they would have when they retired.

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Aug-05-13 3:23 PM

Donnac. My dad lost his pension the same as everyone else that worked there did. He did, however, save money for his retirement also. He did without things his whole life so he could retire. He is now 88 yrs. old, and still never misses a payment on anything. Sometimes a person has to do without to survive. Not saying there are not different issues in everyones life, I just get tired of hearing" It's the Forges fault"

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Aug-05-13 2:11 PM

@ justobserving-FYI my dad was never late on a bill his whole life until 2003; how did YOUR dad make do when he lost his pension? Or maybe you didn't know that everybody who ever worked at The Forge lost their pensions. Struthers, PDM, Sylvania and others...many people have been screwed here, good honest people who deserve better than stinkeye snobbery.

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Aug-05-13 1:23 PM

Again who can assume what. Graduate, do these people bring in their bank statements, bills and paychecks stubs? I used to work for a "good" company. People thought that I made "good" money. I only wished that I made half of what people thought I made.

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Aug-05-13 12:36 PM

@ dubedit--sell the property to whom? You? You gonna buy all those white elephants? Then where's that person supposed to go live? Public housing? Probably less of a burden to the taxpayers allowing tax amnesty, I'm sure.

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Aug-05-13 12:29 PM

I have a feeling that even if the County wanted to do something about this problem, I'm sure the State would say, "Oh you can't do that, that's un Constitutional!"

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Aug-05-13 12:18 PM

I know from working on the tax collection end of things that most of these people are not neglecting their tax bills out of hardship - they are playing the system. When you work with them, you get to know who's who and what's what. It's just the way it is. Yes, there are some hardship cases out there and I have empathy for them. I do not have empathy for the others.

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Aug-05-13 12:08 PM

People who can't pay taxes can't afford to own property. People who won't pay taxes are cheats and parasites. No matter the hardship, the roads still need to be plowed. If you can't pay, sell. If you won't pay, well, I call you a louse.

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Aug-05-13 11:44 AM

@graduate--it is also certainly possible that once someone on a fixed income falls behind that they will never catch up. Yes, there are people who play the system, but to cast a blanket judgment on everyone on that list being a thief is so wrong it's shameful.

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Aug-05-13 10:12 AM

I'm sure there are a few hardship cases here and there, but most of the names on this list have been there year in and year out forever and are people who could pay them if they wanted to. If you don't believe me, ask for the lists from the last 10 years and you will see. They pay the taxes that were due 3 yrs before in order to keep their properties, but never more than that. This is just how some people choose to run their finances.

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Aug-05-13 9:42 AM

@ justobserving: My father worked there 39 years and 1 month and was screwed out of shares and pension in 2003. He has been struggling to make ends meet ever since. He has no fancy car or toys; I found out by chance that he was going without his meds to pay his tax bill when I stepped in.

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Aug-05-13 9:35 AM

I just like the way people "assume" How do you know that most of these people "have" money? Do they buy a new car every year do they buy new expensive toys every year? I would say yes they would have the money. Just because some one "worked" in a "good" place that they are making "good" money, does not always hold through. The letter writer is assuming that these people don't want to pay taxes but maybe these people lost a job, incurred major medical bills and or other hardships. I really believe that these people do not want to make the paper this way and are doing the best they can.

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Aug-05-13 9:02 AM

Whats The Forge got to do with the fact that people that can pay...Don't?? My dad worked there for 46yrs. and paid his taxes every year. He's exactly right that it's a game to some people.

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Aug-05-13 8:32 AM

The letter writer is lucky; his household is supported by a Betts pension and a WGH pension in addition to double SS. I guess it's a good thing he didn't work at The Forge, then maybe he wouldn't be so judgmental of others.

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Aug-05-13 7:46 AM

I agree these people are taking advantage of the rest of us.

I think there should be a "hardship" application process. To many people on the list HAVE money, but just play the game.

The application would make people list their assets such as bank accounts etc...

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