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October 25, 2013

Dear editor, As this newspaper reported, “City Chooses WCCBI” Lets analyze the decision making proces....

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Oct-28-13 12:56 PM

I don't really know Jim Decker, and while I have met him, I have probably exchanged more words with the check-out person at BiLo. Accordingly, I don't understand the vitriolic tone of Mr. Ristau's letter or the majority of these comments. I did attend the WCCBI Celebration of Excellence Gala, and I can assure Brazil that the recipients and their accomplishments were impressive. I can also say without hesitation that WCCBI has been instrumental in bringing and maintaining numerous jobs in the County. I don't know much about the Visitor's Bureau, and perhaps that is the problem. I recently needed information about local events, and contacting the Visitor's Bureau never occurred to me. Both entities are being given an opportunity to demonstrate their strengths and letters like Mr. Ristau's -- void of any compelling arguments and relying instead upon name-calling -- are not helpful to the process.

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Oct-25-13 3:02 PM

Brazil, I think that he is at this time. I have seen nothing to indicate that the incumbent will be running this Fall.

WCCBI was quite involved in the two building PA Ave. West development project. I also noticed that one of the buildings has signage on the front to open soon. Some sort of a medical supply store. I don't know if they are leasing or leasing to buy?

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Oct-25-13 1:55 PM

And Crossely my quote of your words were your exact words.

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Oct-25-13 1:54 PM

What exactly are the accomplishments of the WCCBI where they have directly affected business development and expansion? Crossley - So I have to wear the CEO's shoes to make a comment. If you are anti-Obama hopefully you haven't made any negative comments about him since you haven't walked in his shoes. Many places that are serious about economic development do nationwide or regional searches to bring a top flight doer they don't hire a person who owned a going out of business video store. I'm sure he's a nice guy. Never met him. I think Warren County could have done better but they really weren't interested. Once again we are pretty close to nominating the Mary Kay Cosmetics or Avon lady as the next new business of the year award winner.

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Oct-25-13 1:18 PM

Nothing against Jim Decker - he's very good at what he does. But he's had his eye on this money for a LONG time. I'm surprised it took this long for him to line it up.

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Oct-25-13 1:10 PM

Brazil, My words were "Don't knock someone until you walk in their shoes." Not performed that exact job, that is not what I said at all. See how people change things to say what they want! I hate politics.....

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Oct-25-13 11:05 AM

Crossely --"My vote was for the WCCBI as they are in the City" Huh???? Also so your argument is unless you've performed that exact job you have no standing to criticize or comment? Hope you are consistent with that stance. TO MTOMTO: I believe he is running unopposed or am I wrong about that.

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Oct-25-13 10:38 AM

Election is coming! Remember all the stupid choices city council has made over the years! Vote them out! We need people in council that will build the town up not push it closer to a ghost town! Vote them out!

I agree they were never open when they needed to be open, but fix that problem! Now we have another empty building that cost how much?

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Oct-25-13 9:20 AM

My vote was for the WCCBI as they are in the City and each individual there has experience and knowledge that is needed to get the job done. Jim Decker does his job well. He is not the only person in the office. Don't knock someone till you walk in their shoes. They run one event that I am personally involved in each year and they do a wonderful job. This past year it was actually taken over by the YMCA and another group so that it would continue to go on. The event is The Pat Shine Annual Kayak and Canoe Race. I feel that they WCCBI is better to do these events and any other. Tourism in Warren though needs to be better informed as to what events are going on in our County, this I do feel is a problem. But as our government in America why do we need to fight and argue about such little things? Why can't we work together on this?

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Oct-25-13 9:18 AM

Maybe WCCBI is better equipped to provide the overall management of tourism promotion for Warren County. The sad thing though is watching the amount of energy that the CEO of WCCBI has put into this effort and wishing that we saw half as many articles and stories about business development and recruitment efforts. Reading the award winners for this year's banquet one has to ask, what's next for celebration? The local Mary Kay Cosmetics sales rep?

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Oct-25-13 9:13 AM

This letter sounds just a little like a Mayoral Campaign ad to me.

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