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The Brazil way

December 10, 2013

Dear editor: I read with awe a deal Brazil signed with an oil cosortium to extract oil from an offshore field....

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Dec-18-13 9:52 AM

lol, MTO. EIEIO. Oh no, I think I just had a vowel movement...

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Dec-17-13 8:37 AM

I thought that this was going to be a letter about waxing???

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Dec-13-13 7:17 AM

"...has one thing in mind ,himself and his cronies." Wait a minute! You started the sentence with "the governor", then switched over and ended it by talking about Obama. Bait and switch is illegal, ya know.

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Dec-11-13 12:41 PM

Jack has a leftist progressive view that is socialism. (but he works for the state, maybe that has something to do with his views) And if it continues to grow in this nation and when it begins to affect him negatively, and it will!!! I wonder what he’ll have to say, I wonder???

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Dec-11-13 11:55 AM

You may not agree with most of Jack's letter, but you have to agree that Corbett and his cronies are interested ONLY in Corbett and his cronies.

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Dec-11-13 11:33 AM

I wonder where this mentality that things are “free” came from. Did it start way back in FDR’s time with the new deal? I wonder when people became so gullible that they are continuing to buy into the lies that we are being feed. The national debt is continuing to grow but they (the politicians) tell us they are making cuts, WHERE??? The new healthcare law was supposed to make it cheaper and cover almost everyone, but the prognosis for that happening is not looking good, I wonder what the final outcome will be???

I wonder, do people hate their children and grand children sooooooo much that they don’t care what kind of a financial or moral mess they are leaving for them??? I never in my lifetime thought I would see some many people that were as apathetic about giving their children a future as there are today. Yes, I wonder???

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Dec-10-13 8:46 PM

Apparently Jack you've never been to Brazil. If you think for 1 minute any Brazilian citizen is going to benefit from that money,(other than some that might get a job working on a drilling rig.)then you must be living in LaLa land.I will agree that our own government is corrupt and self serving but they don't hold a candle to Brazil.

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Dec-10-13 8:32 PM

sickofit. read your first sentence then read your second sentence. Did your parents not tell you when you were young nothing is free. Have been going to Canada for over thirty years every year on fishing trip. Have friend there that I fish with. Two years ago he needed a hip replacement. Alas couldn't get one with "Canadian Free Health Care". And one wonders why that can't be every Canadian gets "FREE HEALTHCARE". But not if your 76 years old. So he took his savings flew to Michigan and got a new hip. Hope you remember all this talk about "FREE" when everything you buy is taxed to the max to pay for "FREE HEALTHCARE".

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Dec-10-13 9:30 AM

"These five companies won the right to drill and all thay had to do was give a (75 percent) stake of the oil extracted to Brazil to be distibuted to federal,state and municipal governments." So you don't like the Governor having cronies (neither do I by the way), but what they are doing in Brazil is the exact same thing. The oil companies are given the contract to drill, but only if they give so much back to the government...That isn't capitalism Jack, its crony capitalism.

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Dec-10-13 9:17 AM

"You get hurt in Canada you get the same care as the prime minister,free."

Unless you don't want to wait and have the cash to come to the US.


From a 2010 study by the Fraser Institute:

"The most concerning conclusion made by the specialists surveyed was that Canadians are waiting almost 3 weeks longer than what a physician deems to be a "reasonable" time period between their appointment with a specialist and when they actually receive their elective procedure."

"Last year, from the time their GP referred them to a specialist to the time their treatment was actually started, Canadians had to wait approximately 16.1 weeks. That period has risen dramatically in just one year up to 18.2 weeks. The nationwide trend toward increased wait times is repeated through all 10 Canadian provinces. Ontario leads the way with the lowest average wait times;

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Dec-10-13 8:19 AM

Hey Jack, the only part of your letter that is correct is your statement: "I might be totally wrong". The gas under Pa. is privately owned , unlike offshore oil rights.

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