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Coast Guard cadet accused of touching classmate

April 2, 2014
Associated Press

NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) — A U.S. Coast Guard Academy cadet testified Wednesday that a classmate entered her room in the middle of the night, touched her on her thigh and moved his hand up her leg before she screamed and kicked him.

The cadet spoke at a hearing in the case of Alexander Stevens, a cadet who is accused of abusive sexual contact, housebreaking and unlawful entry. He told an investigator he went into the room by mistake after a night of drinking, thinking it was his girlfriend's room, according to testimony.

The hearing, which was continuing mid-day Wednesday, is a pretrial investigation similar to a civilian grand jury and will determine how to dispose of the case. The investigating officer could recommend that the case be dismissed, dealt with administratively or referred for trial by court-martial.

The cadet said she found it hard to sleep and concentrate after the encounter, and her grades suffered.

"I think he should be kicked out of the Coast Guard. I think he should be a registered sex offender and I think he should go to jail," she said.

The cadet says she was asleep one night in September when she heard the door to her room open. She said she thought it might be her roommate, but she then felt her bed shake.

"I remember someone fumbling with my blanket that was on top of me and touching my leg," she said, describing skin-to-skin contact and the swirling motion of a hand moving up her leg. "I kicked my legs and I screamed."

The man either fell or jumped off her bed and fled. The cadet says she chased him and located a friend.

"I kept telling him (the friend) that's not right," she said, noting that she was shaking and crying.

She said at one point a person walked by who resembled the man in her room. It was Stevens.

Stevens said in an interview that he went into the cadet's room and touched her with his hand, said Eric Gemp, a special agent with the Coast Guard Investigative Service. Stevens said he was startled when the cadet said, "Hey!" He quickly left the room, Stevens told investigators.

Stevens said he went into the room by mistake, believing it was his girlfriend's room, Gemp testified.

The only cadet ever court-martialed at the academy, Webster Smith, was tried in 2006 and convicted on extortion, sodomy and indecent assault charges.



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