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Our School

Youngsville Elementary Middle School

May 14, 2008
Times Observer

Mrs. Victor’s class is learning all about the rain forest. They have changed their classroom into a jungle. During the first week of May, we will be learning Spanish from Sheffield high school students through video conferencing.

First Grade

W are all currently working on the writing process, focusing on narrative and informative examples. Students are learning about and being assessed with rubrics. We have completed or are presently working on spring writing samples as well as decorating our classrooms and hallway with seasonal crafts and work.

Fourth Grade

The students have been excited this year about composting.

It all began when the students were discussing ways in which they could make an impact on being a “greener” classroom. They wanted to make a difference. At our school the Middle Level has an ECO team which meets and discusses ways in which they can help the environment.

The ECO team, under the direction of Jenny Watt, invited representatives from each of the fourth grade classrooms to a presentation from the County Extension Agency on composting. These representatives then in turn taught their classmates about what they had learned. All year they have collected and stirred their compost in hopes of enriching the gardens around our school.

Even though their compost isn’t quite ready, the students are anxious to help others be more conscious about their environment. Bulletin boards were created by students to help increase awareness. On one there was a photo essay completed on composting, while the rest focused on reducing, recycling, and reusing. Students created art work to illustrate reusing, and gave examples on recycling and reducing.

Science and Technology

Working Together.

Youngsville Middle School Science and Technology Club is working in conjunction with Wild Woods Animal Park to ensure the survival of wild species through education.

Wild Woods Animal Park, a non-profit organization located in Cherry Grove Township just outside Sheffield, and Youngsville middle level students have teamed up to develop, design, and produce animal informational/educational plaques. Students first researched information about the animals which are housed at Wild Woods Animal Park

These animals include mountain lions, black bears, wolves, raccoons, skunks, porcupine, a lynx, and an otter. Students then formatted the information onto a computer program which will transfer the information onto decorative pieces of cherry wood through the use of a Versa Laser Engraver. Students made sure their animal informational/educational plaques were not only informative but also appealing to the eye. Visitors may view the newly designed plaques later this spring.

Article Photos

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Special breakfast
The Honor/Merit Breakfast is held each nine weeks at YEMS. The sixth graders are Tobi Robinault, Kelsey Anderson, Jorie Clark, Katie Chuzie, Alexis Brink, and Julia Sveda.



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