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Summer Basketball

August 7, 2008
Times Observer
Written by Elias Manzella

and Andrew Webster


Team Cuevas vs.

Team Barber

The week opener had an almost desperate feel as Team Barber (4-5) was looking to keep their playoff hopes alive. Although the game was tight, Team Cuevas (7-2) outlasted the winded Team Barber 62-59. Leading the first place Team Cuevas was Nate Sanzo with 20 points and Steph Hulton with 12. In defeat, Chevy Latta and Cody Kyser combined for 40 points with 20 a piece. NOTE: Team Barber still has a slim chance to slip into the playoffs but they will need a 23 point victory on Wednesday against Team Causebrook.

Team Harp vs.

Team Causebrook

The offensively explosive Team Harp (7-2) defeated an undermanned Team Causebrook (5-4) on the down slide by the tally of 76-37. The winners were led by Jeff Beadle with 28 points and Nick Bertrando with 23. Team Causebrook was led by “The Miller Boys” Ryan and Roger with 15 points and 7 points respectively.

Team Kyser vs.

Team North

Even though the 7th/8th place matchup didn’t seem like it would be all that attractive, it sure was. In a game that went right down to the final buzzer, it was Team Kyser (3-6), defeating Team North (1-8), 69-68. After Mike Bova hit two free throws to give his team the lead with 9 seconds left, Team Kyser decided to not take a timeout and just go with it. They put the ball in the hands of Kevin “I still got it” Harp who made a pretty dish to Corbin Meleen who finished the deuce with 2 seconds left to win the game. The winners were led By Kathy “Three for all” Baum with 23 points (7 threes), with Meleen and Harp finishing with 18 and 16 respectively. The losers were led by Tyler North’s 18 points and Bova finishing with 16.

Team Bernet vs.

Team Manzella

The primetime matchup featured Team Manzella looking for a playoff-clinching win and Team Bernet looking to keep their playoff hopes alive. But a clinch it was, as Team Manzella (6-3), won 58-39 over Team Bernet (3-6). Even though Clay “Swish 21” Mansfield made his highly anticipated debut for Team Manzella, it was Jay Burnett who stole the show finishing with 20 points for the winners. Mansfield was impressive though finishing with 13 points. The losers now eliminated from the playoffs were led by Tyler Bernet’s 13 points and Doug “Norman Smiley” Hawley with 12 points.


Team Manzella vs.

Team Harp

The opener of the night started as a one on one matchup as Jeff Beadle and Clay Mansfield scored buckets back and forth for their respected teams. However Mansfield was held to just three second half points and nobody else on Team Manzella (6-4) was able to shoulder the load and they dropped the game 58-57 to Team Harp (8-2). Even with the loss Team Manzella held on to the three seed, and Team Harp propelled themselves into the number one seed. Leading the way for the winners was Beadle with an astounding 40 points. Mansfield finished with 26 points on the night, with Nick Kimbel adding 10 points.

Team Cuevas vs.

Team Kyser

Team Kyser (4-6) started the year with two wins and finished the year with two wins as they disposed of Team Cuevas (7-3) by the margin of 74-65. Team Cuevas’ loss dropped them to the number 2 seed and will be playing Team Manzella in the first round of the playoffs. Corbin Meleen led the victors with 22 points while Omar Laboy added 19. Marcus Cuevas led all scorers with 26 points and Nate Sanzo scored 20 in defeat.

Team Barber vs.

Team Causebrook

The third game of the night didn’t seem like a close game because of the final score, but because of the scoring margin serving as a second hand tie breaker, the game proved to be quite suspenseful. Team Barber (5-5), had to win by 23 points to advance to the playoffs, and they did just that by winning 101-73. Team Causebrook (5-5), endured a difficult end to their season as numerous players were missing due to injury, vacation, and other commitments. Team Barber despite being the fourth seeded team seems to be a lot of people’s favorite to win, but will now have a tough task awaiting them in Team Harp. The winners were led by the trio of Carl Swan, Chevy Latta, and Ryan Alonge who had 20, 20, and 19 respectively. The losers were led by Gary Reynolds’ 35 points with Ryan Miller good for 16.

Team North vs.

Team Bernet

The last regular season game of the year was between two teams in the basement of the league. The game had a very laid back sense as they were only playing for pride and momentum heading into the playoffs. Team North (2-8) began the game running as they outscored Team Bernet (3-7) by fourteen at halftime and coasted the rest of the way to an 87-53 victory. The victors were led by the titanic trio of Tyler North, Mike Bova, and Bre Meleen with 18, 24, and 13 points apiece. Tyler Bernet led his companions with 18 points with Ray Houser chipping in with 12.


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