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From The Editor

September 8, 2009
Times Observer
You will notice that we have included our special feature section, “Fido,” in this issue of PG. For those of you who have never seen it or may have overlooked it in the past, it includes information entirely about pets! I think this is a perfect feature to include in our publication because to me, kids and pets are kind of similar. Now, let me explain because obviously I recognize there is a difference. I’m just going to run a few parallels.

At home our pets include a Lab named Jada and a few fish. I honestly would rather forget the fish so I will focus on the dog for now. Jada is great with our kids and for the most part is very well behaved. Notice I said “for the most part.” Jada has been honing her selective hearing skills. When there is a reward or treat involved she responds to my voice immediately. When I am giving an instruction she would rather not comply with, you would swear she wasn’t able to hear at all. Jada typically reacts with speed when my husband elevates his voice even a little. And, you guessed it, Cole happens to demonstrate these same behaviors on occasion.

I share these things because I know I am not alone. I can guarantee I’m not the only mother that has uttered the words, “Take that out of your mouth! Walk! COME HERE!!” to her children as well as her dog all in one day and occasionally at the same time. Everybody has bad days including pets, kids and parents! It’s nice to have information available to help with those times when we need a bit of extra advice.

In Fido, you will find tips and suggestions for dealing with a variety of situations that present themselves when you have pets in your home. The diverse content covers everything from pet allergies to behavior training. Fido can be pulled out of the center of your magazine if you would like to pass it along or hang onto it for another time. We hope you find it’s content practical and relevant as you deal with all of your pet care needs.

On another note, please check out page six for details about our first annual cover model contest. We would love to have your cutie on our cover!

Until next time,

Kristen Johnson

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