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From The Editor

November 2, 2009
Times Observer
Last month I described parenting as one of the toughest jobs around. I have decided it is also one of the scariest. You have these little people that you are charged with rearing into adulthood. In my opinion, any good parent is concerned with the finished product the moment that baby enters the world. Through thick and thin you are the ultimate guiding force in your child’s life here on earth. If that doesn’t stir up a little anxiety then I don’t know what will.

Right now the hot topic is to vaccinate or not to vaccinate. What a scary question! On either side of the coin you are dealing with something that is just a bit frightening. A virus that is spreading like wildfire is affecting our children and really what do we do. Maybe you have strong feelings on this topic, however, that really isn’t what I am talking about here. Simply stated, I fear making the wrong decision whatever it may be. It has the potential to impact my kids for quite sometime to come and I just want to get it right.

Don’t we feel that way about a lot of the decisions we make regarding our kids? Am I too strict or not strict enough? Should they be allowed to do this or that? What is the right curfew? Some decisions are easier than others but we constantly consider each of them and the direct impact they will have on our children. It really can be unsettling when you consider the intensity of that responsibility and all that it entails.

It’s not only our choices that affect them but our behaviors, attitudes and opinions as well. It is always a wake up call for me when my son repeats an action or saying that I know he has learned from me. Good or bad it is a reminder that I have two extremely impressionable sponges living in my house, soaking up every single thing that goes on around them.

So much in our world is constantly changing and it isn’t always easy knowing what the “right” thing is for our kids. I suppose the most important thing to do is not shy away from making those tough choices and to live the way we want to see them living twenty years down the road. What a great reward it would be to have them say, “Hey Mom and Dad, thanks for everything. I really appreciated all you did!”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kirsten Johnson

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