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1072 days ago.
by CBrown

Verizon Customer Service?

A Verizon Supervisor just told me on 1/08/2011 and I quote: “ You can't expect first class service if your only paying for coach.” and So I'm writing this to express my dissatisfaction with Verizon home phone and internet service, as my only recourse since I live in an area where they are the only option for this type service. My hopes are that if enough people know the kind of service that is being provided or not provided as the case my be, and of the attitude of the supervisor that I had the misfortune of contacting, That Maybe, just maybe there will be some sort of change and We can get some kind of service? Even in coach. First I like to let everyone know that this is not a one-time problem our service has been out 5 times in the matter of a year and a half and each time we have call for service it has been a horror story is this just me or does everyone have this problem?


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No, it isn't just him. About 1 1/2-2 years ago I had the same thing. My DSL wasn't right for about 2 months, and not just me, everyone in this area. When I called I was told that I was promised DSL so since I could connect, even tho it was worse than dial up, that's all I was entitled to. she wouldn't offer a discount, refund, etc. I still don't know why it took Verizon 2 months to correct the problem, didn't want to spend any money I guess. they kept sending the poor technicians out to our houses, even tho there was nothing they could do. I finally went thru the Executive Branch, it was eventually resolved, I did get compensated, but it was 2 months. For those familiar with dial up, this was even worse. But I really haven't had any problems since.

Posted 1072 days ago.

Must be you? I have had good luck with them.

Posted 1293 days ago.

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